• Value Group is a listed company
  • Level 3 BBEEE
  • Short and long term rentals, pre-owned and new forklifts
  • Daily, weekly and monthly hire
  • Deliver and collection anywhere
  • Competitively priced
  • 24/7 call centre
  • Traction battery hire and purchase (Unique to forklift industry)
  • Various payment methods available
  • Fully comprehensive range
  • Free site survey for the right application
  • National footprint

Value Materials Handling Division has a comprehensive fleet available for short
term hire, long term rental, outright purchase, pre-owned, servicing, parts
and traction batteries.

The range comprises of various lifting capacities and masts available in Diesel, LP
Gas and Electric Forklifts as well as a complete warehousing range.

Our National footprint and comprehensive infrastructure allows us to carry out
services and repairs on and off-site, offering a 24 hour National
back-up service.

Diesel you will have to obtain at your local filling station or have your own fuel tank in the yard.
Electric forklifts are quiet, exhaust free, slower and are mainly used inside warehouses.
When you hire a forklift, it is vital you mention the heights of the doors in your buildings and any other height restrictions.
LPG forklifts are supplied with two extra gas bottles which can exchange when you need more fuel.
Most common types are duplex and triplex. Cheapest are duplex but if you have height restrictions
Forklifts are mainly called forklifts in the UK but some call them fork trucks as they do in the USA and abroad.

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