About Our Lead-Acid Traction Batteries:

The world is changing and constantly in search of alternative energy sources and Value Materials Handling has recognised that electric driven equipment is the way of the future. In our quest of “Bringing International Standards Locally”; Value Materials Handling started importing and distributing Lead Acid batteries in November 2018, under the brand name of VALPOWER Batteries. VALPOWER has a wide range of DIN and BS cells that will satisfy all your electric forklift battery needs. VALPOWER offers our customers battery rentals or outright purchases of lead-acid batteries.

Product Offerings:
  • Type: DIN & British spec.
  • Voltage: 24V to 80V
  • Amperage: 260A to 930A
  • Chargers: 220V – 380V
  • Warranty: 1 500 cycles or 5 years
Some of the key features VALPOWER batteries have to offer:
  • Service life of 5 years or 1 500 cycles.
  • Highly reliable, low maintenance batteries.
  • Higher discharge efficiency.
  • Fully insulated, bolted terminals and connectors.
  • We sell complete battery packs or individual cell replacements.
  • We can custom design and manage on-site battery bays.
  • Discharging and charging services.
  • All other battery-related services and parts.
  • Live Battery Monitoring System (optional extra).
  • Automatic Water Filling System (optional extra).
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