The Time has Come for Change


As of June 2022, the price of fuel per litre now surpasses the minimum hourly wage as stipulated by Minister Thulas Nxesi [1]. Consumers generally earn R23.19 per hour, however, petrol now costs them R23,85 per litre.

The carbon tax rate stands at R144 ($9) as of January 2022 with a predicted increase annually until we reach the $20 mark[2]. The annual global average temperature is about 1° Celsius (1.9°F) hotter than pre-industrial levels. There has also been a direct link made between carbon emissions and this negative climate change.

So now you ask yourself; How can Value Materials Handling help you?

Value Materials Handling has the widest range of Lithium-ion Equipment in South Africa under one brand. Reap the rewards of being environmentally conscious and GO GREEN today. The revolutionary technology in our Lithium-ion Material Handling Equipment ensures equal power output to conventional IC equipment which is environmentally friendly, with zero emissions.

Innovation becomes the next energy powerhouse: 

Lithium-ion battery-powered Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) is new and innovative. As its superiority gains momentum and becomes more mainstream, demand will increase exponentially and lead to further advancements. Customers late to the game will face massive upfront costs when attempting to retrofit their equipment and catch up. Added to this, falling behind the times with regard to innovation, environmental conservation, and streamlining productivity can cause enormous reputational damage.

In keeping with Value Logistics’ industry-leading customer commitment, Value Materials Handling (VMH) is ensuring that its customers have access to Lithium-ion technology from the get-go. This way, local companies can benefit from its innovation today and continue to reap the rewards for years to come as the technology grows into the energy powerhouse of the future.

In addition, we ensure:

  • Operational efficiency
  • High charging and discharging rates
  •  Fast charging speed and high discharging power
  •  4,000 cycles with 100% DoD and a service life of up to 8 years
  • No daily maintenance or fluid replacement required
  • No extra hazardous gasses are emitted during charging
  • No need to ventilate the charging area


Lithium-ion battery benefits:

  1. The charging process is safe and requires no staff oversight.
  2. Charging is possible at any stage during the day for any required or available period of time. This benefit of opportunity charging is revolutionary as far as operational costs and time are concerned.
  3. Opportunity charging benefit includes a “quick charge” feature which provides a 100% fast charge in two hours.
  4. Can operate in a cold room (-25c) without any modifications.
  5. Manufactured with Ferro-phosphate and contains no cobalt which ensures safety.
  6. No sulfation from prolonged periods of standing.

Furthermore; customers are facing challenges and there is an increasing need to improve costs and productivity. Many new technologies that achieve both are also better for the environment. With a 100% battery charge in just 2 hours results in 8 hours of working time. “Opportunity charging” is an essential game-changer, allowing your staff to charge equipment when they are on tea breaks or lunch. Unlike lead-acid batteries which require an entire 8-hour charge and 6-hour cooling down period. The benefits of implementing Lithium-ion equipment into one’s fleet are infinite!

Go green and make the Lithium-ion leap!

Value Materials Handling (VMH) invites you to visit its Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) showroom in Isando, Johannesburg. The showroom includes demonstration areas that allow our customers to experience Lithium-ion battery-powered equipment first-hand. If you are unable to visit the VMH showroom, the VMH team is available for an on-site demonstration at your warehouse.

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